Healing From Unresolved Trauma
video series

When we are triggered, we can react in different ways. Some people may be flooded by painful and stressful memories. Others may be so overcome with fear that they feel debilitated. This could be due to mental health challenges such as anxiety, but there is also a strong possibility that these are the effects of unresolved trauma.

Many people initially dismiss the idea that they have trauma, not realizing that traumatic events have many different forms and magnitudes. Whether a traumatic event is big or small, your brain processes all trauma as significant, and your body has one instinct when triggered: protection. But there’s good news! Our minds can be healed, and our stories can be rewritten.

In this free six-part video series called Healing From Unresolved Trauma, registered psychotherapist and Hope Restored counsellor Tara Lalonde will walk you through what trauma is, how it affects your body and relationships, how to identify unresolved trauma, the importance of self-compassion, different forms of treatment, and how to find God in the midst of trauma.

Here are the topics of each short video in the series:

Video 1: Understanding Different Forms of Trauma
Video 2: Impact on the Nervous System and Relationships
Video 3: Exploring the Possibility of Past Trauma’s Effect Today
Video 4: Why Self-Compassion is the First Step 
Video 5: What to Expect in Trauma Therapy
Video 6: Finding God in the Trauma and the Recovery

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