Free video series with Vicki Cooper on unpacking biblical separation and divorce

Unpacking Biblical Separation and Divorce video series

At Focus on the Family Canada, we believe God designed marriage to be a sacred, lifelong covenant relationship between a husband and wife that endures through trials, sickness, financial crises and emotional stresses. However, we also recognize the hard reality of broken marriages in our church communities and the impact on everyone involved.

We regularly hear from both women and men who are experiencing pain in their marriage and disconnection from their spouse. It may be that their spouse has had an affair (or is still in an affair) that has shattered their world. It could be that their spouse has been stuck in an addiction that has broken relationships, eroded trust, compromised the family financially, and left them feeling helpless or powerless. A marriage could have turned physically or emotionally abusive. There also could be endless conflict, mental health issues, communication breakdown, lack of intimacy, or other challenges.

When we avoid the topic of separation and divorce, couples like these often experience immense shame as they suffer in silence, and they may even have a deep misunderstanding of God’s heart for the hurting. Whether you are considering separation, you are working through the pain of divorce, or you know a loved one who is walking this challenging road, please know that God cares deeply for his children and knows their every hurt and fear.

In this free five-part video series called Unpacking Biblical Separation and Divorce, Hope Restored marriage therapist Vicki Hooper walks through God’s plan for husbands and wives, the reality of human brokenness and its impact on this covenant relationship, and how to navigate a healing separation and, if necessary, divorce.

Here are the topics of each video in the series:

Video 1: “How Did We Get Here?”

Video 2: “What Does God Really Say About Divorce?”

Video 3: “What’s the Purpose of Separation?”

Video 4: “I Want to Separate – What Are My Next Steps?”

Video 5: “I’ve Tried Everything – What If Divorce Seems Like the Only Option?”

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