Understanding Depression video series

At Focus on the Family Canada, we get calls every day from people looking for help for the unique challenges they’re facing. Sometimes it can be due to life circumstances or pains from the past. Other times it can be from not feeling okay, and not knowing how to articulate why. More often than not, the underlying cause of this feeling is depression.

While depression is often referred to as “the common cold of mental health,” many people who call in don’t recognize that what they’re feeling is actually depression. It can often go undiagnosed since it looks different in different people.

In this free six-part video series called Understanding Depression, Focus on the Family Canada counsellor Jennifer Antonsen will walk you through what depression is, signs and symptoms, different forms of treatment, case studies of a new mom and a middle-aged man, and finding a hope-filled path forward.

Here are the topics of each short video in the series:

Video 1: What Is Depression?
Video 2: Symptoms of Depression
Video 3: Treatment of Depression
Video 4: Case Study of a Young Mom
Video 5: Case Study of a Middle-Aged Man
Video 6: How to Move Forward

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