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How to Respond When Your Kids Ask Tough Questions About God video series

The world is so full of negative criticism of Christianity. How are you supposed to prepare your children for the challenges and questions they will get from those in the world, and even the questions that arise in their own minds?

To help provide some answers, we’re offering this FREE six-part video series called How to Respond When Your Kids Ask Tough Questions About God. Created from a Focus on the Family Broadcast, the video series features Natasha Crain, author of the book Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side.

Natasha shares important insights on what to communicate to your kids about God and Christianity, and will inspire you to have deeper conversations with your kids about why they can be sure of their faith.

The six short videos cover the following topics (each is approximately 3 to 6 minutes):

Video 1: The Importance of Using Words Your Kids Understand
Video 2: What Do Kids Believe?
Video 3: Do All Religions Point to the Same Truth?
Video 4: If Christianity Is True, Why Are There So Many Denominations?
Video 5: Why Did Jesus Have to Die For My Sins?
Video 6: The Importance of Being a Faith Detective and Faith Investor

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