Connecting As a Family in a Tech-Absorbed World video series

Text messaging, social networking and online media are changing the way parents and children interact with the world – and each other. Increasingly, parents are expressing concern that technology is eroding their sense of connection with their kids.

Finding non-tech opportunities to engage as a family has become more important than ever. But how do you create those opportunities?

To help with that question, we have created a FREE five-part video series from a Focus on the Family Broadcast featuring author and youth culture expert Jonathan McKee.

The video series will help you think about how technology is used in your home and how you can find ways to strengthen your relationship with your kids and restore your sense of connection as a family.

The five short videos cover the following topics (each is approximately 3 to 6 minutes):

Video #1: Helping Children Become Tech Enabled
Video #2: Navigating Video Gaming
Video #3: Training in Discernment
Video #4: Looking for Opportunities to Connect
Video #5: Seeking Out Those No Tech Zones

Is this something that would be relevant for your family?

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