Listen to these free episodes of Adventures in Odyssey

These free episodes of Adventures in Odyssey explore the theme of stress to help your child when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

George Under Pressure

Because George Barclay’s demanding schedule is exhausting him, Jimmy and Donna are determined to make sure he takes a day off.

Worst Day Ever

Mandy Straussberg has one of those days when one thing after another goes wrong.

The Business of Busyness

The Washingtons can’t find time for family devotions, and Eugene’s new service organization has him running in circles!

Adventures in Odyssey

There’s never a dull moment in the town of Odyssey. And with our collection of over 60 albums as well as magazines, DVDs, books and more, the adventures never have to end! These exciting stories deal with real-life issues and will help instill positive values in your kids so they’ll learn how to make Christlike choices in their own lives – just like their favourite characters.

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