Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage video series

Do you want to draw closer to your spouse as you both draw closer to God? We want to help!

In this free six-part video series called Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage, Dr. Robert and Jenni Paul draw from their decades of marriage to give you advice, practical tips and wisdom that will help you connect spiritually in your marriage.

Discover how to strengthen your spiritual intimacy, identify the obstacles to spiritual connection and how to overcome them, and grow closer to God together no matter the circumstance.

We’re excited to share this resource with you to help strengthen and deepen your marriage, as well as your personal faith.

Here are the topics of each short video in the series:

Video 1: What is Spiritual Intimacy?
Video 2: Benefits of Spiritual Intimacy
Video 3: Barriers to Spiritual Intimacy
Video 4: How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Intimacy as a Couple
Video 5: How Should a Couple Pray Together?
Video 6: How Life’s Setbacks Can Increase Spiritual Intimacy

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