Prophecies Pointing to Jesus free PDF devotional

Nearly 2,000 years ago, the world was forever changed by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But centuries before that historical moment, there were mysterious prophecies being made about a coming Messiah.



As you walk through the eight days of this free devotional, you will see how different prophecies in the Old Testament came to fruition in the life of Jesus. From Palm Sunday’s verses about a humble king to Holy Wednesday’s readings about the betrayal of his friends, Good Friday’s reflection on the sacrificial lamb to Easter Sunday’s joy of a risen Lord, each devotion will direct you to the rich references found in Scripture.

Plus, you’ll find discussion questions and sample prayers to help you go deeper into the themes of each devotion.

Don’t miss out! Palm Sunday is on March 24 and Easter Sunday is March 31 this year. 

This devotional should be suitable for tweens and up, but we encourage parents to read through each day’s Scriptures and reflections before you share them to make sure they’re appropriate for your family.



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