The Problem with Pornography video series

At Focus on the Family Canada, we get calls every day from people looking for help for the unique challenges they’re facing. One of the ways we support people is through our free, one-time phone consultation with our in-house counsellors. One of the leading concerns from our callers is pornography – either those who struggle with consuming it, or someone who discovered their spouse, or even child, has been viewing it.

In this free five-part video series called The Problem with Pornography, Focus on the Family Canada counsellor Luke Campbell explains why the difficult topic of pornography is a necessary conversation in Christian circles, how pornography impacts our relationships and faith, and how stepping into the discomfort of confession brings healing and freedom from its influences.

Here are the topics of each short video in the series:

Video 1: Why Talk About Pornography?
Video 2: Why Is Pornography a Problem for Me?
Video 3: Why Is Pornography a Problem for My Relationships?
Video 4: Why Is Pornography a Problem for My Faith?
Video 5: What Do I Do Next?

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