Praying Scripture Over Your Children - Free Video Series with Jodie Berndt

Praying Scripture Over Your Children video series

As parents and grandparents, we all want the same for our children and grandchildren: to see them succeed and lead a fulfilling life rooted in faith. But with so many threats to their spiritual and emotional health, it can feel impossible to guide them on the right path. Every day, our children are exposed to content that challenges their faith and can make them question the very foundation of their beliefs.

Thankfully, the Bible provides us with a roadmap to guide our children, steer them away from harm and nurture their faith. Within the pages of Scripture we find short but powerful prayers for protection, peace, discernment, spiritual growth and deliverance from sin and suffering. These are the things we desire for our children, whether they’re five years old or 35 years old.

That’s why we want you to have the video series Praying Scripture Over Your Children. Led by trusted parenting experts Jim Daly, John Fuller and special guest Jodie Berndt, this seven-part series will provide you with practical tools to create a stronger habit of prayer for your children.

Here’s a peek at the seven video titles:

Video 1: Take Up the Mantle of the Prayer Warrior on Behalf of Your Children

Video 2: What Do Parents Pray for Over Their Children?

Video 3: Overcoming Fear and the Need for Control

Video 4: Technology and Prayer

Video 5: Praying for Your Child’s Future Spouse

Video 6: Truths and Tools for Prayer

Video 7: From Child to Peer

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