Navigating a Toxic Culture With Your Daughter video series

Parents have never had a tougher job than now. Our hypersexualized culture bombards our daughters with unhealthy role models, misleads them about the consequences of early sexual activity, and promotes worldly values that leave girls profoundly empty and questioning their worth.

To help provide parents some answers, we’re offering this FREE eight-part video series called Navigating a Toxic Culture With Your Daughter. Created from a Focus on the Family Broadcast, the video series features Dr. Meg Meeker, a pediatrician and author of the book Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture.

Dr. Meeker explains how parents can shape their daughter's character and faith so that she can successfully navigate our culture's most difficult challenges, find her sense of worth and purpose in Christ, and embrace his plan for every area of her life – including her sexuality.

The eight short videos cover the following topics (each is approximately 3 to 7 minutes):

Video 1: 4 Key Questions Moms and Dads Must Help Their Daughter Understand
Video 2: Healthy Mom, Healthy Daughter
Video 3: Mom (and Dad) As Mentor
Video 4: Jesus Was the Original Feminist
Video 5: Key Pressures Your Daughter Is Facing and Your Response As Her Mom
Video 6: Teaching Your Daughter to Live Deeply
Video 7: Starting With the Heart of Your Daughter
Video 8: The Dangers of Self-Fulfillment

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