Mental Health in Marriage video series

It’s so hard when mental health struggles affect your marriage. But there is help for you and your spouse.

This free six-part video series called Mental Health in Marriage will give you comfort, wisdom and practical advice for your marriage if you or your spouse are dealing with mental health issues.

Join Dr. Karl Benzio, a board-certified psychiatrist and the co-founder of Honey Lake Clinic (a residential Christian facility for mental health, mood disorder and addiction treatment), as he leads you through the complex and often difficult realm of mental health.

You’ll learn about different kinds of mental health issues, how common each one is, and how there’s help for you no matter what mental health challenge you’re facing. You’ll also learn how to talk to your spouse about your struggles, what you can do to support each other, and where you can go for guidance.

Here are the topics of each short video in the series:

Video 1: Behavioural Health vs. Mental Health
Video 2: Are Mental Health Issues Really That Common?
Video 3: What to Do if Your Husband or Wife Has Mental Health Issues
Video 4: How to Talk to Your Spouse About Mental Health Issues
Video 5: Warning Signs That Your Spouse Has Depression
Bonus Video: How to Get the Mental Health Help You Need

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