Teaching Children to Manage Their Emotions video series

Coaching children in how to manage strong emotions is no easy task. In this video series, you’ll hear from Cherilyn Orr, an education consultant and adjunct professor at Vanguard College in Edmonton, as she shares a highly effective way to nurture kids’ self-control and build their relationship skills.

As a teacher and mother of seven children, Cherilyn initially relied on traditional approaches, such as rewards and consequences, to teach children appropriate behaviour. But the more Cherilyn studied how God has created the human brain, the more she became convinced there was a better approach. 

After applying a new strategy, Cherilyn immediately saw impressive results with her own biological, adopted and foster children, and today this strategy is being taught and embraced in Uganda, Greece, England and the U.S.

In this free, six-part video series, Cherilyn will introduce you to this new approach to emotion coaching drawing on principles from her book Signals: How Brain Science and the Bible Help Parents Raise Resilient Children.

You’ll learn how to:

  • use a simple model that helps kids talk about their emotions
  • help your child take responsibility for their emotional state and learn to self-calm
  • shape your child’s behaviour without alienating them or harming your relationship
  • nurture a climate of respect and mutual care for one another in your home.

These are the topics covered in each short video in the series:

Video 1: Three Brain States That Influence Behaviour
Video 2: How to Intervene When Kids Misbehave
Video 3: How to Help a Child Who Is Anxious or Depressed
Video 4: Helping Kids Take Responsibility for Negative Behaviour
Video 5: Dealing With Misbehaviour in a Public Setting
Video 6: Healthy Ways to Protect Children

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