The Hidden Epidemic of Male Sexual Abuse video series

Statistics say 1 out of every 6 males is sexually assaulted prior to the age of 16, but that number could be much higher than we realize. Why? Tragically, many boys and men keep their abuse a secret due to shame and fear.

Dr. Kelli Palfy is a registered psychologist, retired RCMP officer and author of Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse. She first became familiar with males as victims of sexual abuse when she worked with the Child Exploitation Unit of the RCMP in the early 2000s. She has since made it her goal to become an advocate for boys, young men and adult men who are too ashamed to speak up about the abuse they’ve experienced and thus suffer the consequences of staying silent.

This free six-part video series called The Hidden Epidemic of Male Sexual Abuse will walk you through why we need to talk about this issue, how predators groom their victims, what to watch for, and how, by God’s grace, healing is possible for male victims of sexual abuse.

Here are the topics of each short video in the series:

Video 1: The Prevalence of Male Sexual Abuse
Video 2: Why Men Stay Silent About Their Abuse
Video 3: Understanding the Grooming Process
Video 4: Case Study of the Grooming Process
Video 5: Warning Signs of Male Sexual Abuse
Video 6: Hope for Male Victims of Sexual Abuse

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The subject matter discussed in this video series may be difficult to watch and potentially triggering, but it’s necessary to discuss these topics in order to protect children, especially boys and young men, from being victims of sexual abuse. Please do not watch this video series in the presence of children.

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Need help?

If, as you watch the video and go through the supporting material, you become concerned about yourself or someone you love who may be a victim of sexual abuse, we encourage you to call our care and counselling team. We are here to listen to you and help you through this realization. Call 1.800.661.9800 weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific time.