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Helping Children Manage Anxiety video series

For a child who is unusually anxious, early intervention is important. If left unaddressed, an anxiety disorder that develops in childhood is likely to stay with the child into adulthood.

Fortunately, anxiety in children is highly treatable. With appropriate help, very many children and teens learn to bring their anxiety down to manageable levels, greatly improving their mental well-being and their enjoyment of everyday activities.

That’s great news for parents. Still, many parents are left wondering, Does my child need help or not? Are my child’s worries normal for their age, or is my child developing anxiety issues?

And if my child really does have a problem with anxiety, what can I do to help?

In this free, five-part video series called Helping Children Manage Anxiety, Focus on the Family Canada counsellor Jenn Hall presents a high-level overview of common anxiety issues in children.

Through the video and supporting material, you’ll learn some of the signs and symptoms that suggest a child may be struggling with excessive anxiety, and you’ll discover some proven ways that parents can help an anxious child or teen.

The worry-calming strategies you’ll learn here will be helpful for all children, whether they seem to have a problem with anxiety or not.

These are the topics covered in each short video in the series:

Video 1: Early Experiences May Have Lasting Impacts
Video 2: Recognizing Anxiety in Children
Video 3: Misbehaviour Can Mask Anxiety
Video 4: Anxiety-Busting Tools
Video 5: Anxiety Can Be Contagious

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