Chronic Health Challenges PDF booklet

Nobody expects that one day a chronic health challenge would be part of their life, but sadly this is not uncommon. According to recent statistics, 44 per cent of adults in Canada aged 20-plus have at least 1 of 10 common chronic conditions. And an estimated 7.6 million – or one in five – people live with chronic pain, which is defined as any pain that lasts longer than three months. 

Perhaps you are someone who deals with a chronic health challenge. Or you know of a parent, child, spouse, friend or neighbour who deals with this. Or maybe someone very close to you struggles with this every day and you have no idea. Chronic illness is a terrible burden and it’s made worse when we think we have no one to talk to and no one to help.

If chronic health challenges are part of your story or the story of your family, you are not alone. In this free 12-page PDF booklet, you’ll find stories of people who have learned to live with chronic illness – as an individual, as a spouse and as a parent – while putting their trust in God.

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