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How Godly Thinking Can Transform Your Life video series

There’s no sugar-coating it – life is tough. You may be dealing with heartache right now. Or perhaps you’re still coping with the pain of something difficult that happened in the past.

Here’s the good news: God is merciful, and he’s shown us how to deal with the struggles we face.

In this free seven-part video series called How Godly Thinking Can Transform Your Life, you will learn how God can sustain you through challenges and even help you thrive in the midst of them.

Author and pastor Levi Lusko shares from his own experiences with deep personal loss. He talks about what he’s learned from his own life – and God’s Word – and shares important insights into overcoming hardship in this series through a biblically based and holistic approach. 

Here are the topics of each short video in this FREE series:

Video 1: Are You Treating the Wrong Problem?
Video 2: Turning Off the Dark and the Benefit of Suffering
Video 3: Running Toward the Roar of Suffering
Video 4: A Change in Your Thinking
Video 5: Getting Out of a Rut in Marriage
Video 6: Demonstrating Self-Control in the Culture 
Video 7: The 40-day Challenge to Take Back Your Life

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