Discovering God’s Freedom from Pornography video series

Pornography and sexual addiction can feel like an inescapable darkness. But there is hope! God’s guidance through a healing journey can lead you to a place of renewal.

Focus on the Family Canada has a heart for helping people in their everyday circumstances. Our counsellors want to point you (or someone you care about) to resources and support that will lead to true recovery in body, mind and spirit.

That’s why we created this six-part video series called Discovering God’s Freedom from Pornography, featuring Nick and Michelle Stumbo of Pure Desire Ministries.

Here are the topics you’ll find in this series:

Video 1: The Shame Factor
Video 2: Sexual Addiction and a Caged Bird
Video 3: Biblical Warning Signs of Sexual Sin
Video 4: The Gift of Pain From God
Video 5: The Public Me and the Private Me
Video 6: Three Life-Changing Questions

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