July 8

Creating a No-Regrets Marriage

Guests: Steve and Rhonda Stoppe

Pastor Steve and Rhonda Stoppe explain how couples can cultivate the relationship they've always hoped for by re-framing expectations, depending on God, and remaining committed to one another.

C03401B The Marriage Mentor
The Marriage Mentor

By: Steve and Rhonda Stoppe

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July 9

Learning and Teaching Godly Manhood

Guests: Rick Burgess and Andy Blanks

Rick Burgess and Andy Blanks address the need for churches to engage men more effectively, encouraging men to pursue godly manhood by modelling themselves after Jesus Christ.

U00183B How to Be a Man
How to Be a Man

By: Rick Burgess and Andy Blanks

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July 10

How Do You Forgive Evil?

Guests: Polly Sheppard and Rev. Anthony Thompson

Polly Sheppard, a survivor of the June 17, 2015, church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Rev. Anthony Thompson, who lost his wife during the shooting, describe the event and explain how they've been able to forgive the perpetrator.

C03679B Called to Forgive
Called to Forgive

By: Rev. Anthony Thompson with Denis George

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July 11

Loving Your Spouse Day by Day

Guest: Josh McDowell

Author Josh McDowell helps couples realize the importance of making God a priority in your life, loving and accepting who you are, good communication in your marriage, and resolving conflicts quickly.

C02561B 10 Ways to Say I Love You
10 Ways to Say I Love You

By: Josh McDowell

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July 12

Choosing the Right Attitude

Guest: Deborah Pegues

Deborah Pegues explains how positive thinking is biblical thinking. Watch as she discusses the value of connecting with others, curtailing sarcasm, walking in humility and serving with gladness.

C03610B Choose Your Attitude, Change Your Life…in 30 Days
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