May 13

How to Raise Strong Believers

Guest: Natasha Crain

Author Natasha Crain gives practical advice for parents who want their kids to enjoy a close relationship with Jesus. Watch as she outlines specific ways to teach your kids about the hard faith questions.

C03546B Talking with Your Kids About God

May 14

Praying and Stepping Out in Faith

Guest: Mark Batterson

Pastor Mark Batterson offers ideas for effective prayer based upon the biblical story of Cornelius. Watch to find out how to pray regularly, step out in faith and see how God provides for the next step.

C03655B The Circle Maker
The Circle Maker

By: Mark Batterson

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May 15

Hope for Parents of Premature Babies

Guest: Kayla Aimee

Kayla Aimee discusses giving birth to her micro preemie daughter who was born at 25 weeks, and describes how, in the midst of her fears for her baby, her faith and marriage were strengthened.

C03069B Anchored

By: Kayla Aimee

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May 16

Finding Freedom as a Grace-Based Mom (Part 1 of 2)

Guest: Jeannie Cunnion

A lot of moms face overwhelming problems of stress, perfectionism, shame and guilt in their parenting. Jeannie Cunnion wants to help her fellow moms discover freedom in recognizing God’s gift of grace.

C03572B Mom Set Free
Mom Set Free

By: Jeannie Cunnion

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May 17

Finding Freedom as a Grace-Based Mom (Part 2 of 2)

Guest: Jeannie Cunnion

Jeannie Cunnion reminds moms of the incredible gift of God’s grace in their lives and suggests how they can extend that same grace to their children, reminding their kids how much God loves them.

C03572B Mom Set Free
Mom Set Free

By: Jeannie Cunnion

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