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Enrich Your Marriage video series

Do you and your spouse keep having the same fights again and again? Do you wish you had more intimacy in your marriage? Couples across the country have already discovered the marriage-saving principles of Focus on the Family Canada’s Hope Restored marriage intensive counselling program – and now we want to share them with you!

Before you can deal with conflict and intimacy, there are crucial truths you need to discover about yourself, your spouse and what God intended marriage to be. As you go through these seven videos, marriage therapists Wayne Reed and Vicki Hooper will help you go beneath the surface, discover what your heart wants and needs, and then equip you with practical conflict and communication tools you can use to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Here are the topics of each video in the series:

Video 1: Becoming Who God Designed You to Be
Video 2: Why Safety is Necessary for Intimacy
Video 3: What a Healthy Marriage Looks Like
Video 4: Identifying Triggers and Reactions That Cause Conflict
Video 5: How to Care for Yourself in the Midst of Conflict
Video 6: Improving Intimacy-Building Communication
Video 7: Finding Win-Win Solutions Instead of Compromise

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