Job openings

At Focus on the Family Canada, passion meets purpose in every role.

Our current job openings represent exciting opportunities to contribute to transformative initiatives and join a team that is committed to strengthening the foundation of Canadian families. Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking new challenges or a fresh talent ready to embark on a meaningful career journey, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us.

If you are eager to make a positive impact in the realms of family, faith and community – and be a part of shaping a brighter future for the next generation of Canadians – we invite you to apply today!

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Care & Counselling

Executive Director of Marriage & Family Ministries

Langley, BC

Donor Development

Vice President of Donor Development

Langley, BC

Director of Development

Ontario - Remote

Donor Relations

Director of Donor Relations

Langley, BC

Donor Relations Coordinator

Langley, BC

Administrative Assistant

Langley, BC

Information Technology

IT Manager

Langley, BC

IT Support Technician

Langley, BC

Integrated Marketing

Events and Sponsorship Manager

Langley, BC

Kerith Retreats

Executive Director of Kerith Retreats

Langley, BC

Kerith Creek Program Co-Directors

Foothills, AB

Kerith Pines Caretaker & Housekeeper

East Braintree, MB

Food Service Coordinator

Priddis, AB