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The world our children are growing up in is far different than when we were young. We know this to be true when we read the news or check social media.

Parents today are dealing with situations they never dreamed they’d be facing with their kids. Many of them are blindsided by difficult questions and don’t know how to respond to the struggles their child is going through.

From the very detailed and graphic sexual education their teachers are teaching them, to being told that their gender can change or is fluid, to the growing prevalence of sexting among teens and tweens and the troubling frequency of bullying among youth in general, children are unsure of how their faith fits into the world around them.

Children, tweens and teens are dealing with new social norms that have rapidly changed within the last few generations. And kids today are being faced with big questions at a young age – questions their parents are often uncertain of how to answer.

Children need guidance from their parents, especially on issues that are embarrassing, uncomfortable or awkward. But when they don’t receive guidance – or feel they can’t ask for it – they start to look elsewhere, and often find peers, teachers or media with advice that is quite different from God’s truth.

Will you give today so your donation goes twice as far to equip parents to not only understand these issues, but also know how to help their children navigate them while maintaining their Christian faith?


In the news

New guidelines for Quebec schools to support trans and gender non-conforming students

– CBC | January 20, 2018*

Alberta education minister rejects sex-education curriculum of Catholic schools

– CBC | October 23, 2017*

Duelling protests staged at BCTF's office over LGBT-inclusive curriculum

– CBC | April 23, 2018*

Schools can't out GSA members to their parents under proposed Alberta law

– CBC | November 2, 2017*

Canadian pediatricians get guidance on kids' gender diversity

– CTV News | May 9, 2018*

4 in 10 young Canadians have sent a sext, 6 in 10 have received one: report

– CTV News | February 6, 2018*

Parents don’t know how to approach teens about alarming social media posts: survey

– Global News | May 10, 2017*

Ontario student’s death shines light on bullying issues within Canada's school system

– Huffington Post | November 30, 2017*

Increase in teen suicidal behaviour linked to 13 Reasons Why, Toronto counsellors say

– CBC | June 19, 2017*

When you double your donation today, you will provide resources and tools to help families face these issues head on:

With your help, Canadian parents can empower their children to live out their faith in today’s confusing culture.

And remember, a friend of the ministry has generously offered to match every gift given until October 31, 2018 – up to $100,000!