Coming Home PDF booklet

Rushing off to work . . . coming home weary . . . paying the bills . . . raising the kids. It often seems like an endless cycle. During the quiet moments, have you ever wondered, Is this all there is to life? Is it merely a 70-year cycle of eating and sleeping, of getting and spending, of growing older and older?

If your heart longs for something or someone that will give meaning to your existence, the free 16-page booklet Coming Home can help. We'll take a straightforward look at the things people value in this world and show that there is much more to life. There is a way to live that brings genuine satisfaction.

You'll learn that nothing is more valuable than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. With him, you can find new meaning and purpose as you follow the one who knows you intimately and loves you intensely.

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Parlez-vous français ? Cliquez ici pour le PDF Bienvenue à la maison : une invitation à rejoindre la famille de Dieu, un PDF différent afin de vous aider à partager l'évangile en français.  

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