Rethinking Christian Sexuality video series

Putting “God” and “sex” in the same sentence makes most people feel uneasy. Some of us may view sex as something torrid, shameful or even painful. Others may embrace it as something wonderful and amazing. But is it holy?

Within the pages of Scripture, we see God’s divine design in our sexuality. Sexual intimacy and the ways we steward our bodies tell us something about God himself and what it means to find intimacy with him.

Join psychologist, author and the president of Authentic Intimacy, Dr. Juli Slattery, for this enlightening overview of God’s design for our sexuality, and how couples can live that design out in their marriage.

Here are the topics of each short video in the series:

Video 1: How Do You Define Sexuality?
Video 2: Why Did God Make Us Sexual Beings?
Video 3: Why Do We Feel Ashamed to Speak About Sex?
Video 4: How Is My Identity Tied to Sex?
Video 5: How Important Is Sex in My Marriage?
Video 6: How Can My Spouse and I Work Through Conflicts About Sex in our Marriage?

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