“A few years ago, I was at the lowest point in my marriage, resigned to live out my years in pious misery until the Lord took one of us away. It was then, by divine intervention, that I heard the Focus broadcast with Patricia Ashley. She was talking to me! She was describing me! The story of how God redeemed her dead, dead marriage sparked life into my soul. I am happy to say my husband and I are approaching 18 years of marriage and the Lord has brought great peace and joy to our relationship.” – Susanna

Every day we hear from families like Susanna’s that need help.

Across the country, families just like yours are facing all kinds of difficulties in their lives: the heartbreak of broken marriages, the pain of a prodigal child, the ridicule of their faith, the grief they feel for our fallen world.

Your financial support will provide resources like the radio broadcast to Canadian families so they are pointed to Christ and can experience His restoration and transformation in their lives.

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across the country will have access to enhanced tools and relevant content on our website.


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who are struggling through hardships will receive prayer and much-needed counselling support.


who are looking to reconnect will be encouraged at date night events in their area.


and grandparents will find new resources to build faith in their children and grandchildren.

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When you donate, you provide families like these with faith-building resources, practical help and a message of God’s hope for every situation.

“Thank you for providing such valuable parenting information. I am very appreciative of these chunks of golden wisdom that helps me in our different seasons on life's journey with my family. It has been a truly rough road but Focus on the Family helps me steady the course.”

“I love Focus on the Family! This is my go-to website if I am lonely, need some advice, looking for ideas for family activities, or sometimes when I am just plain bored and looking to find something entertaining to read or listen to.”

“I read Brio when I was a teenager and loved it! I really appreciated all the advice about how to live for Christ as a young person in a secular world. There were lots of issues Brio spoke about that my parents never talked to me about . . . but I was still taught about them from a Christian perspective because of your magazine. As much as I try to be proactive in speaking to my kids about important issues they might be facing today, I know I'm not in their world each day and I may still be missing things . . . We will definitely be subscribing to Brio when my girls reach their teens!”

“I just want to thank you for this awesome magazine, it has really helped me to read my Bible and help me to grow closer to God. I really loved your ‘Loving Your Sibs’ article. My sister and I fight sometimes, but this article helped me to be less bossy to her. (I can be very bossy sometimes.) Thank you!”

“We have been caring for my elderly father during a recent health crisis and we're very stressed, spiritually low. This week, a staff member called and asked my wife if there was anything you could pray for us. It was very encouraging and strengthened our faith in God to have Him work through you at this crucial time. Thank you for your prayers.”

“Thank you for all that you do! We started to read your magazine when I first gave my life to Christ six years ago. The articles inside have guided me in my new world as a Christian mother and wife. Words cannot express what Focus on the Family has meant to me and my family over the past few years. I have never felt alone on my new journey because I always had you!

“I’m eleven and I have chronic headaches, but when I listen to Odyssey it helps me be joyful and makes me laugh! I also enjoy listening to Odyssey because it reminds me how much Jesus loves me.”





*Susanna's name has been changed to protect her privacy.